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Since the establishment in 1917, ELEVAM has pushed forward to develop discharge devices, which change electron energy to light, and grown into one of top makers. Tohoku ELEVAM was established to mass-produce at a low cost and supply them constantly. ELEVAM L.S.Tec. corporation was established to develop and produce mainly long-slim discharge tubes.

 ELEVAM corporation
 Location  2-17-8, Chuo,Ota-ku, Tokyo
 Established  April, 1917
 Capital  72 million yen
 President  Yoichi Miyata
 Business  Sales and production of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet lamps, inverters, etc.
 Employees  100
 TEL/FAX  TEL +81-3-3774-1231/FAX +81-3-3774-1763
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 Tohoku ELEVAM corporation
 Location  515-1, Aza-Ichimichiue, Shimoshiba,
 Sekishiba-cho, Kitakata-city, Fukushima
 Established  April, 1967
 Capital  54 million yen
 Chairman and CEO  Yoichi Miyata
 Vice Chairman  Yuji Miyata
 President  Kyuko Hara
 Business  Production of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, hot cathode fluorescent lamps, surge absorbers, neon lamps, low voltage fluorescent lamps, etc.
 Employees  140
 TEL/FAX  TEL +81-241-22-6900/FAX +81-241-22-1451

 ELEVAM L.S.Tec corporation
 Location  2-20-4, Minamirokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo
 Established  February, 2001
 Capital  10 million yen
 Chairman and CEO  Yoichi Miyata
 President  Seiichi Saijo
 Business  Production of long-slim cold cathode fluorescent lamps
 Employees  10
 TEL/FAX  TEL +81-3-5713-8007/FAX +81-3-5713-8010